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Handgun Courses

Personal Protection/ Concealed Handgun Course
Introduction to modern techniques, tactics and how to control your immediate environment. Weapon, ammunition, holsters and less lethal choices. Legal and moral aspects of deadly force. This course meets many statesâ concealed weapon permit requirements. Two day course ( 8 hours classroom, 8 hours range).

Intermediate Handgun Course
Next level of proficiency for personal protection with decreased response times and increased ranges. More difficult tactical problems and weapon manipulation exercises. Two day course (4 hours classroom, 12 hours on range).

Law Enforcement Tactical Handgun Usage Course
Designed for law enforcement officers, this course deals with real world problems dealt with by law enforcement today. Includes close encounters, failure to stop, multiple adversaries, search tactics, low light responses and much more. Two day course ( 4 hours classroom, 14 hours range).

Advanced Handgun Usage Course
Techniques stressing compressed time frames, longer ranges, weapon manipulation, night fire, moving targets, and advanced tactical problems. Three day course (28 hours range). NOTE: students must successfully complete Intermediate or Tactical handgun assessment drills before acceptance into this course.

Course cost range from $125.00 to $200.00 on average. Other courses are available or can be customized to fit your needs that are not listed here. Contact us for more information and price schedule.

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